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Introduction to Consensus

Introduction to Consensus
Beatrice Briggs

Introduction to Consensus

by Beatrice Briggs

Perfect for:

  • Those who want to understand what “consensus” is and is not
  • Groups that want to use consensus process but are unclear about how to move forward
  • Facilitators who are asked to apply the consensus model


“Consensus” is a term that many people use to describe a vague process that somehow leads to general agreement. This book, ailment written by Beatrice Briggs, an internationally recognized consultant who has been facilitating group processes for 25 years, clarifies what consensus is, what it is not and how to avoid some of the common traps that groups fall into when using this powerful decision-making approach.

In addition to a clear explanation of the key elements of consensus, the book contains a guide for facilitating the process from the first introduction of an idea to making the final decision.

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About the Author

Beatrice Briggs has been applying consensus process to her life and work for over 20 years. Founder and director of the International Institute for Facilitation and Change, she has helped groups in Europe and all over the Americas make decisions with this contemporary version of an ancient approach to decision-making. She also counsels them when other methods would be better suited to the group´s culture and values.

A native of the United States, Beatrice has been based in Mexico since 1998 and offers training and facilitation services in both English and Spanish.

Opinions by Readers

Consensus is a decision making process that is misunderstood and frequently misused. “Introduction to Consensus” is a clear and well organized primer for any facilitator or leader who wants to bring more egalitarian ways of operating to their gatherings. Personally, I wish I would have had this book 25 years ago when I began facilitating.

-Larry Dressler
Author of “Consensus Through Conversation: How to Build High Commitment Decisions” and “Standing in the Fire: Leading High Heat Meetings with Clarity. Calm, and Courage”

I am really pleased to see that the precious information I received from Bea Briggs twelve years ago during my Faciliation and Consensus training is now available to the larger public as a book. I believe that these are excellent tools for the transition towards a more just and participatory society. I recommend that anyone committed to working on social change read this book and become more skilled and effective in their actions.

-Lucilla Boria, Associazione Culturale Torri Superiore, Italy

Wise, concise, deft and good-humored, practical and profound, Introduction to Consensus can empower groups and their meetings to become and effect the change they seek in the world. Beatrice Briggs has done a tremendous service by distilling her extensive facilitation experience and classical training in this highly evolved manual. Indispensable, I’d call it.

-Stephanie Mills, author of On Gandhi’s Path and Epicurean Simplicity.

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